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What’s The Difference Between Impact Socket And Regular Socket

There are two types of sockets in the market, they include impact sockets and regular sockets. Regular socket is the most popular one and it is made from chrome vanadium. This powerful alloy is made from two elements, including vanadium and chromium which forms the final product that is smooth, corrosion resistant, high gloss and hard. As a result, regular sockets are ideal for mechanic hand tools applications. The toughness prevents them deforming even when subjected under high torque loads. This means that you don’t have to worry about stripping the fastener. However, their hardness also make them unsuitable for impact applications.

Impact sockets, on the other hand, are made from chrome molybdenum, popularly known as chromoly which contains four elements including iron, molybdenum, carbon and chromium. The tough material that impact sockets are made from makes them ideal for hard impact applications like air or powerful battery operated impact guns which contain an anvil and spinning hammer that gives high shock loads to fasteners in order to free them from crusty bonds of corrosion and rust.

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More so, impact sockets can be used as a hand tool safely. However, it is important to note that regular hand tool socket should never be used on an impact wrench because it is extremely dangerous. This is because of the material that they are made of and their thinner walls which makes them more likely to shatter when used on power tools. They can rupture at any time thus posing serious safety risk to all individuals using the same workspace.

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