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What’s The Difference Between Impact Screwdriver Bits And Regular Screwdriver Bits?

Material Differences Between Impact Screwdriver Bits and Regular Screwdriver Bits

Impact screwdriver bits use China Taiwan S2 steel. It’s better than regular S2 which is used in regular screwdriver bits. China Taiwan S2 has more stable mechanical properties than ordinary S2 and a more uniform and delicate crystal phase organization. Hence, a better guarantee for impact resistance.

Technical Difference in Manufacturing

Impact Screwdriver Bits has an impact-resistant zone, which is CNC-machined in production. This impact zone absorbs the impact force during use, effectively extending the service life of the bit, while regular screwdriver bits do not have this impact zone. What’s more, during the heat treatment process, we use the “aging treatment” process to increase the crystal distribution uniformity from the inside.

Why Impact Bits are More Expensive Than Regular Bits

From the machining aspect, there’s an increase in the cutting capacity of the CNC machine, as well as an increase in production costs due to the aging process. Sometimes, in order to achieve visual management, we also carry out surface treatments such as manganese phosphate and titanium plating, which can also lead to a rise in production costs.

Qaulity Control of TOOLJOY Impact Screwdriver Bits

In the fatigue test, impact screwdriver bits performs better than regular screwdriver bits in withstand the impact, by around 30%-50%. When doing damage tests, it can be observed that the angle of rotation of the impact screwdriver bits when breaking is increased by about 25-30 degrees compared to normal products.

What’s the Difference Between Impact Screwdriver Bits and Drill Bits

The Impact Screwdriver Bits have a wide range of applications, ranging from DIY work to assembly lines, from construction to industrial manufacturing, etc. Impact driver bits perform better in wear resistance and can effectively increase your work efficiency. Hence, the impact screwdriver bit is a better choice no matter what application you use it for.

Can Impact Screwdriver Bits Be Used as Drill Bits?

The answer is “Yes”. Sometimes, impact screwdriver bits can be used as drill bits.

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