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TOOLJOY 75mm Power Bits

• As cordless, electric and pneumatic drills have increased in performance, it is important to use a high-quality bits to effectively transmit power yet minimize cam-out and fastener stripping
• Durable alloy steel for lasting performance
• Forged and machined for strength and precise fastener fit

Single-end driver bits are widely applied in industrial and construction job site circumstances:
-3 major raw material options: Cr-V steel, ordinary S2 steel or Taiwan S2 steel
-CNC precision milling for tight grip and cam-out prevention
-Variety of surface treatment options: sandblasted, Manganese Phosphate, TiN coating, ZrN coating, Diamond Tip, Mirror Finish, Cr-plating, Vintage Bronze, etc.



Item Tip Size Length D
DIS6PH175 PH1 75MM /
DIS6PH275 PH2 75MM /
DIS6PH375 PH3 75MM /
DIS6PZ175 PZ1 75MM /
DIS6PZ275 PZ2 75MM /
DIS6PZ375 PZ3 75MM /
DIS6SQ075 SQ0 75MM /
DIS6SQ175 SQ1 75MM /
DIS6SQ275 SQ2 75MM /
DIS6SQ375 SQ3 75MM /
DIS6T675 T6 75MM /
DIS6T775 T7 75MM /
DIS6T875 T8 75MM /
DIS6T975 T9 75MM /
DIS6T1075 T10 75MM /
DIS6T1575 T15 75MM /
DIS6T2075 T20 75MM /
DIS6T2575 T25 75MM /
DIS6T2775 T27 75MM /
DIS6T3075 T30 75MM /
DIS6T4075 T40 75MM /
DIS6H1575 H1.5 75MM /
DIS6H2075 H2 75MM /
DIS6H2575 H2.5 75MM /
DIS6H3075 H3 75MM /
DIS6H4075 H4 75MM /
DIS6H5075 H5 75MM /
DIS6H6075 H6 75MM /
DHS6H1575 H3/32 75MM /
DHS6H2075 H7/64 75MM /
DHS6H2575 H1/8 75MM /
DHS6H3075 H9/64 75MM /
DHS6H4075 H5/32 75MM /
DHS6H5075 H3/16 75MM /
DHS6H6075 H1/4 75MM /

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