TOOLJOY Slotted 5mm Impact Torsion Tool Bits 25mm

TOOLJOY IMPACT TORSION tool bits are engineered to meet the rigorous demands of professional and industrial users. The optimized FLEX TECH TORSION ZONE flexes under load to take pressure off of the bit tip and reduce bit fracture resulting in less breakage.

1. Innovatively designed TORSION ZONE absorbs high torque stress and reduces bit fracture
2. Proprietary tool steel and Taiwan heat treat process for maximum strength and durability
3. Hardened S2 Modified Impact Resistant Steel for extended bit life
4. CNC milled magnetic tips for supreme grip


Item Length Size
DBT6SL300525 25mm SL3
DBT6SL400525 25mm SL4
DBT6SL450625 25mm SL4.5
DBT6SL500925 25mm SL5
DBT6SL551025 25mm SL5.5
DBT6SL601025 25mm SL6
DBT6SL651225 25mm SL6.5
DBT6SL701225 25mm SL7


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