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TOOLJOY Double Ended Driver Bit 65mm*PH2

TOOLJOY Double-Ended Phillips magnetic driver bit features a screwdriver bit on either end (either the same or different types). They can potentially give the screwdriver bit double the life of either an insert or power bit at much less than double the cost.

  1. Phillips & Slotted Double Ended Power Bit
  2. External hexagon drive to DIN 3126 / ISO 1173 – E 6,3
  3. Can be used by hand or with an electric screwdriver
  4. Ideally suited for fittings in the industry
  5. S2 Modified Steel and an optimised heat treatment process results in extra-hard quality for adequate performance
  6. The tapered torsion zone copes easily with torque peaks, fulfilling all tasks


Item Length Size
DBDT6PH265 65mm PH2
DBDT6PH2100 100mm PH2

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