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TOOLJOY 100mm Power Bits

Protect your stainless steel screws by using high-quality bit. If steel flakes off a standard bit and into the recess, it can lead to rust and contamination. These bits eliminate that risk.

Single-end driver bits are widely applied in industrial and construction job site circumstances:
-3 major raw material options: Cr-V steel, ordinary S2 steel or Taiwan S2 steel
-CNC precision milling for tight grip and cam-out prevention
-Variety of surface treatment options: sandblasted, Manganese Phosphate, TiN coating, ZrN coating, Diamond Tip, Mirror Finish, Cr-plating, Vintage Bronze, etc.



Item Tip Size Length D
DBS6PH1100 PH1 100MM 5mm
DBS6PH2100 PH2 100MM 6mm
DBS6PH3100 PH3 100MM 6mm
DBS6PZ1100 PZ1 100MM 5mm
DBS6PZ2100 PZ2 100MM 6mm
DBS6PZ3100 PZ3 100MM 6mm
DBS6SL3005100 SL3 100MM 3mm
DBS6SL4005100 SL4 100MM 4mm
DBS6SL4506100 SL4.5 100MM 4.5mm
DBS6SL5508100 SL5.5 100MM 5.5mm
DBS6SL6512100 SL6.5 100MM 6.5mm
DBS6SL7012100 SL7 100MM /
DBS6SQ0100 SQ0 100MM 3.5mm
DBS6SQ1100 SQ1 100MM 4mm
DBS6T8100 T8 100MM 2.9mm
DBS6T9100 T9 100MM 3.1mm
DBS6T10100 T10 100MM 3.2mm
DBS6T15100 T15 100MM 3.8mm
DBS6T20100 T20 100MM 4.5mm
DBS6T25100 T25 100MM 4.8mm
DBS6T27100 T27 100MM 5.5mm
DBS6T30100 T30 100MM 6mm
DBS6T40100 T40 100MM /
DBS6H15100 H1.5 100MM 2.5mm
DBS6H20100 H2 100MM 3mm
DBS6H25100 H2.5 100MM 3.5mm
DBS6H30100 H3 100MM 4mm
DBS6H40100 H4 100MM 5mm
DBS6H50100 H5 100MM 6mm
DBS6H60100 H6 100MM /
DHS6H15100 H3/32 100MM 3mm
DHS6H20100 H7/64 100MM 3.5mm
DHS6H25100 H1/8 100MM 4mm
DHS6H30100 H9/64 100MM 4.5mm
DHS6H40100 H5/32 100MM 5mm
DHS6H50100 H3/16 100MM 6mm
DHS6H60100 H1/4 100MM /

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