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Impact Screwdriver Bits Wholesale & Customization

  • Designed specifically for professional users
  • Made of high-quality S2 steel to offer a longer service life
  • CNC precision milling for tight grip and cam-out prevention
  • Torsion section absorbs impact and transfers maximum torque to the fixing
  • Manganese phosphated treatment for better corrosion protection
  • Color sleeve for easy recognition

TOOLJOY Impact Bits Fit Different Screw Standards


EU standard


American standard


German standard


Japan standard


EU standard


American standard


German standard


Japan standard


British standard


India standard


International standard

TOOLJOY Has Impact Screwdriver Bits That You Want;
If We Don't Have It, We'll Make It.

TOOLJOY Breaking Test Report & Fatigue Test Report

These are the breaking testing report and fatigue testing report we provided for some of our custom impact bits clients in early 2024.
Our impact bits undergo rigorous testing to meet customer satisfaction standards.

Test Condition
MaterialTesting DateStandardLot No.
TypeProduct LengthHardnessContact Pressure
Test Result
Std. TorqueMax. TorqueBreaking TorqueBreaking Angle
105.1 kgf.cm216.9 Kgf.cm216.9 Kgf.cm31.2 Degree
*1N-m=10.19 kgf-cm ; 1kgf-cm=1.15 in-lbf
Operator: TOOLJOY           Supervisor: Alice Wang
Test Condition
CustomerTesting DateTesting TimeContact Pressure
Russian CustomerMarch 25th, 20240.67868055510.0kgf
MaterialProduct LengthTypeHardness
Test Result
StandardTorque SetupTested TimesTimes/min
105.1 kgf.cm105.1 Kgf.cm48228291.1
*1N-m=10.19 kgf-cm ; 1kgf-cm=1.15 in-lbf
Operator: TOOLJOY           Supervisor: Alice Wang

Customized Your Impact Screwdriver Bits From TOOLJOY

  • Phillips Impact Bits

PH1 impact driver bits

PH2 impact driver bits

PH3 impact driver bit

PH4 impact driver bit

  • Square Impact Bits

SQ0 impact screwdriver bits

SQ1 impact screwdriver bits

SQ2 impact screwdriver bits

SQ3 impact screwdriver bits

  • Pozidriv Impact Bits

PZ0 impact bits

PZ1 impact bits

PZ2 impact bits

PZ3 impact bits

PZ4 impact bits

  • Hex Impact Bits

H1.5 impact hex bits

H2 impact driver bits

H2.5 impact driver bits

H3 impact hex bits

H4 impact driver bits

H5 impact driver bits

H6 impact hex bits

  • Slotted Impact Bits

SL3 impact bits

SL4 impact bits

SL4.5 impact bits

SL5 impact bits

SL5.5 impact bits

SL6 impact bits

SL6.5 impact bits

  • Torx Impact Bits

T10 impact bits

T15 impact bits

T20 impact bits

T25 impact bits

T27 impact bits

T30 impact bits

T40 impact bits

  • Safety Torx Impact Bits 

T10 impact bits

T15 impact bits

T20 impact bits

T25 impact bits

T27 impact bits

T30 impact bits

T40 impact bits


1/4″ impact driver bits


Cr-V steel

Ordinary S2 steel 

Taiwan S2 steel


Any color can be customized.


printed on the color sleeve
engraved on the impact bit


25mm impact bits

50mm impact bits

65mm impact bits

75mm impact bits

90mm impact bits

100mm impact bits

150mm impact bits

250mm impact bits

Surface Treatment

TOOLJOY offers a variety of surface treatment options:


Manganese Phosphate

TiN coating

ZrN coating

Diamond Tip

Mirror Finish


Vintage Bronze, etc.

Table of Contents

What is impact driver bits?

Impact driver bits, also called impact screwdriver bits, are designed for impact drivers which have more torque to drive in fasteners, screws and bolts.

Impact screwdriver bits are different from regular bits as they have a narrow shaft named “Torsion Zone”, as shown in the picture below, to withstand the high torque and the pounding force generated by an impact driver.

What is impact driver bits 1
What is impact driver bits2

What are the most common impact driver bits?

The PH2 impact bit is the most common and in-demand product, based on TOOLJOY’s 20 years of experience serving thousands of clients all over the world.

What is impact driver bits03

Do you need to use impact screwdriver bits? (Who need impact screwdriver bits?)

Impact driver bits are essential for professionals and DIY enthusiasts who frequently work on projects requiring the driving or removing of screws and bolts, especially in challenging situations. Here’s who might need them most:

Carpenters and Woodworkers: For tasks involving dense hardwoods or when working with a large number of fasteners.

Construction Workers: When assembling structures that require robust and reliable fastening, such as framing houses or installing decking.

Electricians: For securing electrical boxes and components, especially when working with metal studs or hard materials.

Automotive Technicians: In auto repair and maintenance, where over-torqued or rusted bolts are common.

Metalworkers: When constructing or repairing metal frameworks where high torque is needed for thick screws or bolts.

Furniture Assemblers: Ideal for quickly and efficiently assembling furniture with a high volume of screws.

Plumbers: Useful for securing fixtures and fittings in tight spaces where extra torque can make a difference.

DIY Home Improvement Enthusiasts: For various home projects, from building decks to hanging drywall or assembling flat-pack furniture.Anyone who values efficiency, reliability, and the need to work with tough materials or tight screws will find impact driver bits an invaluable addition to their toolkit.

How long do impact driver bits last?

Impact Screwdriver Bit

lmpact design, with an extended torsion zone, a hardened core and precision tip, provides 10 times life over standard bits.

The extended torsion zone helps to absorb the torque peaks of impact drivers to avoid breakage.

The precision engineered bit tips deliver a better fit and less cam-out.


(1)Various products in low MOQ and competitive prices
(2)Professional website platform and one-to-one online service
(3)We have ourselves factory. We accept the order if you want to customize products or design the product.
(4)Products are all covered with warranty and insurance

Usual delivery time is 5-10days after recieving the advance payment;
For the customized product, 15-30 days after receiving the advance payment.

Express delivery, air shipping, sea shipping are available for your request.

T/T,L/C,D/A,D/P,Paypal for different circumstances.

 Free samples are available while freight is chargeable.

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