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How To Choose The Right Nut Setter?

Nut setters allows you to insert screws accurately and quickly, while bit holders can help you keep the bit steady. TOOLJOY is a professional manufacturer of nut setters and bit holders. Browse up our magnetic nut setters and bit holders. If you have any question, please contact us!

Magnetic Nut Setter

1.How To Choose The Right Nut Setter?


2. What’s The Material Of TOOJOY Nut Setters

Made of CRV Steel For High Shock Resistance & High Hardness
We use CRV steel to make nut setters. That’s why TOOLJOY nut setters have higher hardness than regular nut setters. Also, we do heat treatment on the nut setter surface, hence TOOLJOY nut setters will not easy to slip during your operation.

3. Strong Magnetic Force To Tightly Hold Screwdriver Bits

TOOLJOY nut setters have a strong magnet inside the head. The screwdriver bit head can quickly fit into the nut setter and will not drop.

4. Multiple Sizes & Length Choices nut setters for different applications.

Size: 5mm/5.5mm/6mm/7mm/8mm/9mm/10mm/11/mm12mm/13mm/14mm
Length: 48mm/65mm/100mm/150mm/300mm
If you have other custom needs, contact us now! TOOLJOY is capable of customizing your ideal nut setters.

5. What Are The Precautions To Be Taken While Using Nut Setters

  • Don’t use the nut setter in a pneumatic impact wrench because the torque of this kind of wrench is too high.
  • Make sure the nut setter is set stably to avoid accidents from happening.
  • Idling test the screwdriver or other tools you use before your operation.
  • Avoid bumping or knocking during operation.
  • Apply anti-rust oil after you complete operation and store the nut setter properly.

6. Applications Of Nut Setters

Hexagonal self-tapping screws mounting & dismounting
Hexagonal nuts mounting & dismounting

7. Compatible Hand Tools Of Nut Setters

  • Electric hand drill
  • Rechargeable drill
  • Screwdriver machine
  • Air bit/electric bit
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