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Bit Holder Wholesale & Customization

Wide range of bit holders for different applications:

  • Drive sizes available in 1/4″, 3/8″ and 1/2″ etc.
  • Maximum length of bit holder extension: 12″ (300mm)
  • Variety of retention options: Magnetic, Non-magnetic
  • Quick-Release, Screw Cap, etc

TOOLJOY Bit Holders Fit Different Standards


EU standard


American standard


German standard


Japan standard

TOOLJOY Has All Kinds Of Bit Holders That You Want;
If We Don't Have It, We'll Make It

TOOLJOY Breaking Test Report & Fatigue Test Report

These are the breaking testing report and fatigue testing report we provided for some of our custom bit holder clients in early 2024.
Our bit holders undergo rigorous testing to meet customer satisfaction standards.

Test Condition
CustomerTesting DateTesting Timeontact Pressure
MaterailProduct LengthTypeHardness
Test Result
StandardTorque SetupTested TimesTimes/min
105.1 kgf.cm105.1 Kgf.cm124126296
*1N-m=10.19 kgf-cm ; 1kgf-cm=1.15 in-lbf
Operator: TOOLJOY Supervisor: Zhu Xiang

Customize Nonmagnetic/Magnetic Bit Holder From TOOLJOY


1/4″ Hex (6.35mm)


CRV, Stainless steel, S2 steel

Surface Finish:

Electrophoresis, Manganese phosphate plating, Sandblasted


20mm bit holder

25mm bit holder

30mm bit holder

39.5mm bit holder

50mm bit holder

60mm bit holder

65mm bit holder

73mm bit holder

75mm bit holder

90mm bit holder

100mm bit holder

145mm bit holder

150mm bit holder

295mm bit holder


  • Bit holders come in a lot of different variations with different features and options to cater to a ton of different situations.

Magnetic Bit Holder

Locking Bit Holders

Locking Bit Holders With A Screw Holding Magnet Impact

Impact Rated Bit Holders

Short Bit Holders

Drive Guide

Medium Linked Bit Holders

Long Bit Holders

Super Long Bit Holders

Super Long With Handle Bit Holders

Small Handles Bit Holders

Forward Push Quick Release Bit Holder

Pull Back Quick Release Bit Holders

Split Type Bit Holder

Integrated Type Bit Holder

Flexble Shaft Bit Holder

T Handle Bit Holder

Bit Ratchet Bit Holders

For more custom types of bit holders, feel free to contact us!

How TOOJLOY Handles Your Order

After our customers place the orders, we TOOLJOY will carefully confirm the details of each order, such as specifications, quantities, materials, surface treatment, compliance standards, packaging, delivery, and other requirements from the customer. Then, we'll check the inventory. We'll issue a work order to our self-operated factory if we don't have the customer-desired products in stock. The orders will be entered into the order management system。

1) Manufacturing and Inspection

The manufacturing process includes raw material cutting, CNC-Lath-milling, engraving, heat treatment (with Taiwan technology), and surface treatment (such as sandblasting, plating, blackening, Manganese phosphate, etc.). Each process will be implemented according to different standards: EU, ASIME, DIN and JISC. During the production process, we inspect the products' quality every 10 - 15 min and record measurement data every 40-60 min.

2) Heat Treatment

Heat treatment is an important part of our product quality assurance. TOOJJOY will adjust heat treatment conditions according to the characteristics of different raw materials. We'll ensure everything is controlled and qualified such as carbon potential, furnace atmosphere, changing temperatures, detection after quenching, torsion after tempering and hardness HRC detection


After heat treatment, we will spot check the product performance, such as Rockwell hardness HRC, torque test (destructive test) according to the customer-required specifications. To meet industrial requirements, we will do fatigue testing and side to side testing.

We design and customize packaging according to customers' requirements. After we pack the products, we'll book cargo space, and arrange shipping according to customers' needs.

TOOLJOY Pursues Excellent Quality Products

As an OEM tool factory for many well-known tool brands, everyone at TOOLJOY has been used to working to high standards and making each product of high quality.

Fifteen years ago, a client made a very stringent demand that all driver bits must be the same as the drawing. And if even one product was defective, all the products had to be returned. Since then, striving for perfection has become our working principle.

We Have Strict SOPs For Quality Control.

Tooljoy has always attached great importance to quality control and strictly applied standard operating procedures during mass production. In daily production, three major inspection procedures have consistently been adopted: 

A thorough check on raw materials before storage in warehouse.

A 15-minute frequency routine check with gauge in daily production.

A final check with gauge based on 5% of the total production quantity. 

Besides the above, torque and fatigue testing is conducted after surface heat treatment.





Table of Contents

What Is Bit Holder?

A bit holder is a tool designed to securely hold and organize screwdriver bits. It is used for storing and carrying multiple bits, preventing them from getting lost. Some bit holders also function as screwdrivers, allowing bits to be inserted and used directly for screw driving.

Commonly, bit holders are made of resin with numerous cylindrical compartments for individual bits. There are also metal bit holders designed for individual separation and easy carrying, often attached to a carabiner hook.

How To Choose A Bit Holder?

Choosing the right bit holder is crucial for safe and efficient work with drivers and power drills. The choice of bit holder depends on customers’ needs and the usage in diverse applications.

For general uses like everyday tasks around the home or workshop, standard magnetic bit holders are sufficient.

For heavy-duty tasks, locking bit holders perform better in securing bits from falling out.

bit holder
bit holder

Usually, the self-locking type bit holder is more convenient and has stronger elasticity, however, it is a bit more expensive.

Why Use Bit Holders? What's the Benefits?

The bit holder extends and converts bits of different types and sizes, allowing users to use various bits with a single tool. Instead of needing multiple screwdrivers or drill bits, users can switch out bits as needed. Besides, they streamline bit changes, saving time and effort by eliminating the need to hunt for multiple tools. What’s more, bit holders provide better control and precision, especially in tight spaces, reducing the risk of slipping and stripping screws for increased safety. In addition, they also offer cost-effectiveness by consolidating tool collections and minimizing the need for replacements.

To sum up, bit holders offer convenience, versatility, and improved performance, making them valuable additions to any toolkit.

bit holder
bit holder
bit holder

What Is the Difference Between a Bit Holder and a Drive Guide?

Technically, the bit holder is the same as the drive guide. But a drive guide usually features a retractable sleeve and looks like a telescope, that’s why it is also called a telescopic bit holder.

A telescopic bit holder can protect the bit from friction and collision, while a drive guide only serves the purpose of conversion and extension.

bit holder

How Does a Locking Bit Holder Work?

Once the bit is inserted into the drive guide, you’ll hear a “click” sound, indicating that it’s locked in place and ready for use. To release the bit, simply push the bit holder (drive guide) forward, and the bit will automatically pop out.

What's the Difference Between an Impact-rated Bit Hold and a Non-Impact One?

Impact drive guides are designed for industrial use, requiring higher standards and offering greater convenience in operation. Regular bit holders (drive guides), on the other hand, are suitable for household use, and easier to handle. They cater to different customer preferences and applications.


(1)Various products in low MOQ and competitive prices
(2)Professional website platform and one-to-one online service
(3)We have ourselves factory. We accept the order if you want to customize products or design the product.
(4)Products are all covered with warranty and insurance

Usual delivery time is 5-10days after recieving the advance payment;
For the customized product, 15-30 days after receiving the advance payment.

Express delivery, air shipping, sea shipping are available for your request.

T/T,L/C,D/A,D/P,Paypal for different circumstances.

 Free samples are available while freight is chargeable.

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