Buying Guide Of Extra Long lmpact Screwdriver Bits And Set


1. What Is Long Screwdriver Bit And Extra Long Impact Bit?

2. People Also Ask About Long Impact Screwdriver Bits

3. Long Impact Bits VS Short Impact Bits

4. What’s The Advantage And Disadvantage Of Extra Long Impact Screwdriver Bits?

5. Customize Extra Long Impact Screwdriver Bits And Set

TOOJOY Customizes Extra Long Impact Screwdriver Bits For Tool Businesses

What Is Long Screwdriver Bit And Extra Long Impact Bit?

Yes, the length of bits reach 6″(150 mm ) we called extra long bits

People Also Ask About long impact screwdriver bits

We’ve seen some DIY enthusiasts and individuals who aren’t very familiar with these repair tools asking the following questions on some Q&A platforms, but no one has responded. TOOLJOY, as a professional impact bits manufacturer is really happy to answer these questions and be of help.

1. Do the impact driver bits with longer torsion zones handle even more torque than shorter bits?


2. Does length of impact screwdriver bits affect torque?


3. Does length of impact screwdriver affect torque?


Long Impact Bits VS Short Impact Bits

Long impact bits and short impact bits are both used in impact drivers and wrenches for driving screws and fasteners. The main difference lies in their length, which affects their reach and torque transfer capabilities.

Short Impact Bits

Short Impact Bits

Long impact bits, as the name suggests, are longer in size. They are beneficial when you need to reach recessed or hard-to-access areas. Their extended length allows you to reach deep into tight spaces without the need for additional extensions or adapters. This can be particularly useful in automotive repair, construction, and other industries where accessing confined spaces is common.

On the other hand, short impact bits are shorter in length, which makes them more compact and maneuverable. They are ideal for tasks where space is limited or where a longer bit would be cumbersome. Short impact bits are often used for general-purpose driving applications where precision and control are important, such as assembling furniture or installing fixtures.

In terms of torque transfer and strength, both long and short impact bits are typically designed to withstand the high torque forces generated by impact drivers. However, long bits may have a slight advantage in torque transfer due to their longer length, which provides additional leverage.

Ultimately, the choice between long and short impact bits depends on the specific requirements of the task at hand, including accessibility, torque requirements, and space constraints. Having both types in your toolkit ensures versatility and flexibility for various applications.

What’s The Advantage And Disadvantage Of Extra Long Impact Screwdriver Bits?

Briefly, Extra long bits are used for deeper working positions, which are suitable for narrow spaces and specific work stations.

Specifically, extra-long impact screwdriver bits have several advantages and disadvantages:

Advantages Of Extra Long Impact Screwdriver Bits

Extended Reach:

Extra long bits allow you to reach deep or recessed fasteners that are inaccessible with standard-length bits. This is particularly useful in construction, automotive, and machinery repair where reaching into tight spaces is common.

Improved Accessibility:

With their extended length, these bits can access fasteners located behind obstacles or within confined areas, reducing the need to disassemble surrounding components.

Enhanced Torque Transfer:

Longer bits provide greater leverage, which can help transmit more torque to the fastener. This can be advantageous when dealing with stubborn or tightly secured screws or bolts.


Extra long bits offer versatility by accommodating a wide range of applications, from household repairs to professional-grade projects.

Disadvantages Extra Long Impact Screwdriver Bits

Potential For Bedning or Breakage

Longer bits may get bent under high torque loads, and are more susceptible to breakage under excessive force or improper use, especially if they are not made from high-quality materials. This can reduce the efficiency of torque transfer and compromise the effectiveness of the bit.

TOOLJOY’s long impact bits, made of high quality materials such as Cr-V steel, ordinary S2 steel  Taiwan S2 steel, are very durable. They will not easily get bent.

Limited Maneuverability:

While extra long bits excel in reaching distant fasteners, their length can also make them less maneuverable in tight spaces or when working at awkward angles. This may require additional effort to position the tool properly.

Storage and Portability

Longer bits may be more challenging to store and transport compared to standard-length bits due to their increased size. Proper organization and storage solutions are necessary to prevent damage or loss.

But if you purchase or custom long impact bits in bulk form TOOLJOY, we’ll offer you some tough cases to store long impact bits to prevent damage.

Overall, while extra long impact screwdriver bits offer valuable benefits in terms of reach, torque transfer, and versatility, they also come with some limitations that should be considered when selecting the appropriate tool for the job.

Customize Extra Long Impact Screwdriver Bits And Set

Impact Bit End

Impact Bit End


1/4″ impact driver bits

1/4" impact driver bits


a. 150MM (6″) impact bits

b. 200MM (8″) impact bits

c. 250MM (10″) impact bits

d. 300MM (12″) impact bits


a. China S2 steel

b. Taiwan S2 steel


Any color can be customized.


Surface Treatment:

For impact bits surface treatment, Tooljoy provides many options for you including Ti-plating and Cr-plating, Manganese Phosphate, Mirror Finish, Bronze, Nickle Plating, Sandblasted, Acid Copper, Black Nickel, Red Electrophoretic, Cr-plating, Ti-plating, etc.

impact bits surface treatment


a. printed on the color band

b. laser-engraved on the bits

What is impact driver bits03
laser-engraved on the bits

If you intend to customize extra long impact screwdriver bits in bulk, contact TOOLJOY now! We never let you down!

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