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TOOLJOY Stubby Screwdriver


1. Stubby Screwdrivers makes it easier to work in tight corners & spaces.
2. The rubber grip handle increases user control and the tip identifiers marked on the top of each screwdriver make it easy to identify the size and driver style you need.

Drive Style: Philips/ Slotted/ Torx/ Pozi/ Nut driver
Shaft Length: 38mm
Handle Size: 66mm


Item Tip Sizes Shaft Diameter(mm) Shaft  Length(mm) Handle Size(mm)
SDP538PH2 PH2 5 38 66
SDP638PH2 PH2 6 38 66
SDP538PZ2 PZ2 5 38 66
SDP638PZ2 PZ2 6 38 66
SDP438SL4 SL4 4 38 66
SDP538SL5 SL5 5 38 66
SDP638SL6 SL6 6 38 66
SDP638ND1/4 1/4 6 38 66


Package Type

Impact Torsion Tool Bits packging1Impact Torsion Tool Bits packging2



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