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Slotted Reduced Shank Power Bit

1.Precision slotted tips and 50mm long that provides proper fit with fastener
2.Taiwan S2 and S2 material to ensure top quality performance
3.Professional Taiwan heat treatment process to improve durability and wear resistances
4.Rust and corrosion prevention of sandblasted surface treatment
5.Design for driving screws in a variety of applications to help solve everyday tasks
6.Universal 1/4 Inch hex shank allows use in impact drive and power drilling drive
7. Local peeling to increase torque
8. Common slotted head types available
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Item No. Size 图片2
Slotted 3.0X0.5mm 50, 75, 100
Slotted 4.0X0.5mm 50, 75, 100
Slotted 4.5X0.6mm 50, 75, 100
Slotted 5.5X0.8mm 50, 75, 100
Slotted 5.5X1.0mm 50, 75, 100